Let's make some memories together 🥂

Hey, it's me

I'm here to help you make your memories from your wedding day reflect the magic and beauty of your love story. A Seattle native but an avid adventurer, I'm excited to work with you and your lover to create a lifetime's worth of memories by capturing the day as it happens, wherever it happens.

And I promise that nobody's gonna love you like me-e-e

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go....



An elopement is an alternate version of a wedding that puts the emphasis on YOUR LOVE and allows you and your partner to express yourselves and enjoy yourselves on the most special day in your life. This can be in the mountains, on the water, in your hometown or in a big city, wherever you and your lover feel at home .

What can this look like?

Elopements look different to everyone- and that's okay.

Love hiking? Fantastic! Let's go on an 8hr trek and find some gorgeous landscapes.

Hate hiking and see yourself as more of a city person? Fantastic! Let's rent a hot tub boat and get some cute pics of the Space Needle from Lake Union.

Want to include your family but still want to elope? Fantastic! Let's pick a meaningful and accessible spot to make your wedding day dreams come true.

Elopements are about adventure sure, but most importantly they are about you and your lover celebrating by doing activities that are important to YOU.

seattle wedding with spinning effect and neon sign

Interested in a more traditional wedding?

Sometimes, your love is best represented by being surrounded by your people. From just your 20 closest pals to a 250-person party, the choice is all yours. My goal is to provide photos for people who are desperately in love with each other and are content and in love with how they've crafted their special day to match their goals.

Prices start at $2,800

Let's make some magic ✨

Let's make some magic ✨

Just put TBD if you're not sure yet